Troyes is a French commune, located in the department of the Aube and the Champagne-Ardennes region Alsace-Lorraine. the town is divided into seven cantons which it is the capital.

With a legal population of 59 671 inhabitants, the city of Troyes is the seventh most populous city in the region behind and Colmar to Charleville-Mezieres and Chalons-en-Champagne. It is the center of the agglomeration community of Troyes large cash 124 037 inhabitants in 2008, which covers fifteen kilometers along the Seine valley.

Its historical past, of the tribe of Tricasses the liberation of the city August 25, 1944 during the Second World War, through the Battle of Chalons fields, the Council of Troyes, the marriage of Henry V and Catherine of France and the champagne fairs as well as its rich architectural and urban heritage with its many buildings protected as historical monuments, allowed to be designated Troyes city of art and history of the National Committee of Cities and countries art and history. The troy ounce, unit of measure precious metals from the Champagne fairs, takes its name from the city.

Textile, developed from the eighth century one of the historical assets of the Trojan economy until the 1960s; Troyes is now the European capital of factory outlets and trading through its three brands centers. Barséquanais the country with its champagne vineyard tracts has many gastronomic assets. The geographic and tourist point of view, the Seine is the main advantage with the nearby Regional Park of the Orient Forest and Lake reservoir Orient lake fauna reserve and relaxation. Troyes, the capital city steeped in history, located geographically at the center of development in the center of the department, sees developing around it a green tourism: besides the park of the Forest of Orient, the Othe and country Armance offer their extensive wooded hilly and plains.